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Danny Volonino - ACN Senior Vice President and Circle of Champions Member

After a bad car accident in the early 1990s, Da­nny Volonino found himself at an ultimate low. With two already-suffering businesses, and the accident putting him out of work, he was not only lost financially, but emotionally and spiritually as well. While Danny was recovering, his prayers were answered when a friend approached him about a business opportunity that he insisted Danny look at. Without asking any questions, he joined as an ACN Independent Representative on the spot. Danny was eager for a new path.

After sitting through an ACN presentation, Danny was highly impressed. He liked the idea that the organization was not paid through internal consumption of overpriced products. "We actually were a value to the consumer," said Danny. He went to work immediately and found quick success, but it wasn't until a visit with the ACN Co-Founders where Danny decided to give it his all. "They didn't judge my past and were willing to answer every question I had about my new future with ACN."

Surrounding himself with inspiration and motivation by mentors such as Pastor Joel Osteen, Pastor Paula White and ACN President Greg Provenzano, Danny found out quickly that the key to finding success on the outside is to personally develop on the inside. He strongly believes that his 16-year stretch of success in ACN came from being surrounded by the family environment that ACN exudes, teaching servant leadership. Now, as Senior Vice President, Danny Volonino consistently encourages positive thinking and personal growth to his team.

In addition to his spiritual growth, ACN has given him a lifestyle of financial freedom. The income that the company provides allows Danny to help support his sons Nicholas and Daniel Jr., other family members and close friends. His family gets to travel the world without worrying about the budget. "We're huge sports fans so we buy tickets with great seats for just about any game. Just two days before my sons recent birthday, we made a decision to buy tickets to an NFL Thanksgiving game 12 rows off the field!"

With enough income supporting those he loves, Danny also strongly believes in giving back to what saved him. Today, he personally helps out more than 5 ministries on a regular basis. His goals in ACN are to help as many ministries as possible keep their doors open, and even more so, help as many people as possible deal with the current economic condition. "I want to give people hope and I know that by sharing ACN, this is the vehicle that will get them there."

Lisa Rosati - Regional Director

ACN has created a new dimension to my life. Prior to my involvement I had a very successful career in Advertising. one that I was absolutely passionate about. Although I worked 7 days a week it provided a very comfortable lifestyle. However each day I would have to get up and begin again and I was only as good as my "last deal". it was a routine with no end in sight. During this time I was the care taker for my terminally ill husband. After 13 years of illness he unfortunately passed away and shortly thereafter I became just one more statistic of the recession. My investments and bank accounts were devastated and I was in complete despair and had difficulty finding employment. I prayed to G-D for direction and for something I could do that would not only generate revenue but more importantly I wanted the passion for my work back in my life. That passion is what I know made me successful. When I was introduced to ACN I immediately loved the concept and most important I knew I could make it work. I know completely in my heart that G-D answered my prayers and that ACN was a gift that I could only keep by sharing it with others.

By following a very simple system I was able to reach the position of Team Coordinator which pays up to $25,000 per month in 108 days. In addition my team was # 1 on the Continent from our position in 2010. The most important change in my life is the relationships I have today. I have business partners that have become life long friends and I think of as family. I have met people in this Company who have touched my life in ways they will never know. Its all about the people. ACN gave me hope when I thought there was none and inspires and challenges me to be a better person and gives me on a daily basis the opportunity to do something good for someone else. That's a gift.

Diana Becton - Regional Director

A writer, a motivator, a personal development coach, a grandmother, Diana brings her excitement from her college cheerleading days to the podium. Even though Diana is a cancer survivor and lost her husband due to cancer, she lives her life with a passion and has a positive mental attitude.

Diana used to have her own radio program called "Success For Life" and wrote a book called "Building Successful People For Life". She has been on many different Advisory Boards such as the American cancer Society and the Metropolitan Urban League. She also was on the Board of Directors of her church, " Church of God" in Orlando, FL.

Diana received her Bachelor of Science degree in Education and Mathematics and her Masters of Science Degree in Human Resource Development and Administration. She taught High School Mathematics and was the Academic Dean and Professor with Barry University.

Giuseppe Di Santo - Regional Director

My name is Giuseppe Di Santo, prior to ACN I was a member of the Italian Air Force & was not enjoying my life. My true passion was music & I envisioned becoming a renowned DJ. As I pursued my music career, I was introduced to ACN. Since I love being around people & I enjoy being on stage, ACN was very attractive & I joined immediately

My first few months were a challenge as I attempted to do the business my own way but I was blessed to attend an international event in Barcelona & learn our Producers system. I implemented our system right away & today I am a top producing Regional Director with hundreds of business partners & growing rapidly.

ACN is a family & I have made so many new friends. My ACN experience has allowed me to develop & evolve into a global businessman. My goal is to become a European COC member in the next year or so.

For me, ACN has been a blessing and I am grateful every day ..... I own my own business.....I am my own employer......I make my own hours of work. ACN is time, ACN is freedom & it allows me to continue to live an extraordinary life. I am ACN !!